Vestas VDF Track Analysis

MSI Wind will analyze VDF ( Vestas Data Format) files download from the turbine. VDF files from VMP4400, VMP3500 & VMP5000 controllerVDF Track can be live data or data triggered by error
VDF Track are 10 samples per second data same OBD (On Board Diagnostic in modern Cars)

Vestas V47 VRCC Technology

VRCC data can be analyze like Imeas and Duty Cycle
Imeas is the current in the generator rotor, current in the resistor plus current in the VRCC Power Unit
Duty Cycle  is the percentage of PWM on the IGBT inside the VRCC, this will tell how hard the VRCC is working

Vestas V52 DFIG Converter Technology

Converter data can be analyzed. Specific channels found in menu 21 (Systate) can be program in the VDF channel to view converter data such as Grid Inverter current, Rotor Inverter current and DC link 

Vestas V47 Pitch System analysis

Pitch data like control voltage, pitch velocity can be analyze with respect to Generator speed and output power

VMP4400 Controller VDF Interface 5 Pin

VDF Interface Cable- 5 pin for VMP4400 Controller, V27, V29, WD34, V39 Vestas Wind Turbine Models