CT236 Magic Eye - Optical to RS232 9 Pin

Connect Terminal like  PC, Laptop & IP Modem to Vestas Controller. Connects via CT module   CT3514, CT3513, CT291, CT3614 & CT3613
Used in VMP Tools Dos & Win Version,  XP Pro and Window 8 to 10 

CT248 Magic Eye  Optical to 5 pin

Connect  CT218 control Panel  & CT232 Service Box to  Vestas Turbine Controller. Connect via  CT module  Ct3514, CT3513, Ct291, CT3614 & CT3613

CT236 Magic Eye - USB version for Windows 10

USB version of CT236 Magic Eye, for windows 10 laptop that not have RS232 9 pin serial  port. Will not work on on XP pro due to USB driver compatability issue                 Compatible with  Vestas VMPTools service software

USB to 5 pin  cable - used in VMP4400 Turbine Controller

Used with VMP Tools  to Service VMP4400 Controller in the Nacelle and Ground Cabinet. Not to be used for Scada purposes, For Windows 8 to 10 version, not compatible for XP pro PC

RS232- 9 pin  to 5 Pin Interface    Scada and Service Box via PC/Laptop

Used with VMP Tools . Can be used for servicing and scada- remote monitoring for VMP4400 and VMP3500 wind turbine controller via remote desktop. Compatible with XP Pro and Windows 10 PC/Laptop. Interface need RS232 9 pin serial port on laptop or desktop

Scada 5 pin switch box VMP3500 Controller

Switch Box used for VMP3500 Controller scada via Remote Desktop using VMPPanel software