CT236 Magic Eye - Optical to RS232 9 Pin

Connect Terminal like  PC, Laptop & IP Modem to Vestas Controller. Connects via CT module   CT3514, CT3513, CT291, CT3614 & CT3613
Used in VMP Tools Dos & Win Version,  XP Pro and Window 8 to 10 

CT248 Magic Eye  Optical to 5 pin

Connect  CT218 control Panel  & CT232 Service Box to  Vestas Turbine Controller. Connect via  CT module  Ct3514, CT3513, Ct291, CT3614 & CT3613

CT236 Magic Eye - USB version for Windows 10

USB version of CT236 Magic Eye, for windows 10 laptop that not have RS232 9 pin serial  port. Will not work on on XP pro due to USB driver compatability issue                 Compatible with  Vestas VMPTools service software

USB to 5 pin  cable - used in VMP4400 Turbine Controller

Used with VMP Tools  to Service VMP4400 Controller in the Nacelle and Ground Cabinet. Not to be used for Scada purposes, For Windows 8 to 10 version, not compatible for XP pro PC

RS232  to 5 pin Interface  USB Powered

This interface connects the laptop/pc to VMP4400  controller to us the VMPPanel or download the VDF files

RS232 to Optical Converter USB Powered

This interface connects to Ct3211 module on the VMP3500 turbine controller or CT291 on the VMP5000.01/02 turbine controller. USB 5V powered or can be customized to 9V to 24V supply. Used in scada monitoring of Vestas Wind Turbine Controller VMP3500 & VMP5000  controller. Interface use 1 mm plastic fiber, maximum 10 meter distance

Scada 5 pin switch box VMP3500 Controller

Switch Box used for VMP3500 Controller scada via Remote Desktop using VMPPanel software. Connects to CT3514 Module